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What is Freeware?


Freeware is computer software that is made available free of charge, but which is copyrighted by its developer, who retains the rights to control it's distribution and modify it. It is typically distributed without it's source code, thus preventing modification by its users.
Though freeware does not require financial compensation, it does have a user license. Each license is specific to the freeware it is bundled with, but some restrictions are common to most programs. For example, most freeware forbids the user to alter the program, repackage it, or sell it. It might allow redistribution, however, as long as the program is unchanged and the license agreement intact.
Understandably, freeware does not often come with technical support, and some programs do not have an extensive Help menu. Many freeware operators write programs in their spare time and do not have the resources to offer tech support. That said, other freeware programs not only have an extensive built-in manual, but they also have their own websites with FAQs and USENET newsgroups dedicated to users helping users. Some authors of freeware personally answer email from end users, though this can't be counted upon.



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